The Islands

Spanish Island
Inis Bhreac means Spotted or Striped Island. Spanish visitors often took residence here.

Quarantine Island
This island was used for cattle quarantine from visiting ships, which might have contagious diseases.

Sandy Island
Oileán na Gaineamaha, does not contain any sand!

The Catalogues
Na Ceirtleoga meaning little balls of yarn or rags.

Heir Island
Inis Uí Drisceoil = O’Driscoll’s Island. Heir Island is accessible by boat all year round. The current population is around 20 and Heir Island is well known for its sandy

The Skeams
The Skeams consist of two islands. Skeam East has an impressive rock arch on the western coast. Skeam West has a 9th Century church ruin.

Horse Island

Each Inis = Horse Island is a low-lying island situated east of Castle Island. The island can accommodate summer visitors since the refurbishment of old houses. Copper and other minerals were formerly mined on the island.

Castle Island
Meadhon Inis = Middle Island and derives its name from an O’Mahony castle, the ruins of which are near the east end.

Carthy’s Islands
Oileáin Uí Charthaigh which means O’Carthy’s Island. It derives its name from an Irish clan inhabiting the west Cork area.

Long Island
Inis Fhada = Long Island. This low lying island has a maximum elevation of 29m and is situated at the mouth of Schull Harbour. The only activity on the island is
farming. The current population is around 10.

The Calf Islands
The West, Middle and East Calf Islands form a chain in the very centre of Roaringwater Bay. All three islands are
exposed and treeless. The last inhabitants left only in the 1940s. East Calf is occupied in the summer.

Cape Clear
Oileán Cléire = island of the clergy. Cape Clear is the largest and hilliest island in Roaringwater Bay situated 13km from Baltimore. The current population is around 130. The main income on the island is from farming, tourism and fishing.

Sherkin Island
The island is home to a historic Franciscan Friary and the ruins of an O'Driscoll clan castle, both of which date back to the 14th century. The diverse flora and fauna of the island, together with the intriguing rock formations, make Sherkin Island the gem of the West Cork Islands.

Home to several world-renowned artists, writers and sculptors, visitors will enjoy the solitude and fun on Sherkin's wonderful sandy beaches at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, repairing to the island's hostelries for excellent artisan food and drink with the locals.

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