Ten Island Tours

A new and imaginative enterprise in eco-tourism from the owners/operators of Baltimore Sherkin Island Ferries (renamed Carbery Isle Ferries Ltd).

The company has expanded its services to include a ten island tour, a new project in the expanding field of eco-tourism which commenced operations in Summer 2006.

As its name suggests, 10 ISLAND TOURS is a tourism initiative with a strong educational/recreational appeal.

Taking the form of a two hours guided cruise around ten of the principal islands in the Baltimore archipelago, it will introduce a new tourism product not currently available in the marketplace.

By its introduction, it will expand the range of tourism and educational attractions available within the region.

Its concept is to offer land-based tourists and students alike a means whereby they can better access and experience some of the magic and charm of Carbery's Hundred Isles in a manner that is not currently possible using conventional ferry services.

The package being devised is one that will also lay emphasis on the history of each island and on the marine biology of the region.

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